Saturday, October 20, 2012

Koolatron P95 Travel Saver Cooler 45-Quart

 Product Specifications

Brand: Koolatron
Manufacturer Part Number: P95
Sizing and Specifications
Item Weight: 15 Pounds
Height: 17.50 inches
Length : 15.80 inches
Width : 20.60 inches

Product Description

Keep food and drinks cool on the road without ice in this Koolatron Travel Saver 12 volt cooler. The cooler connects to any 12 volt cigarette lighter to keep up to 45 quarts of drinks, snacks and more at just the right temperature, without stopping for ice—ever. A unique domed lid lets you pack it full for those long road trips. And, for those short jaunts from grocery store to home, the cooler lets you keep your purchases chilled while you stop at the gym or wait to pick up the kids. The AC adapter (sold separately) lets you use the travel saver wherever there is standard household outlet—a great feature for use on the road with many hotel stops.
The Koolatron Travel Saver 12 Volt Cooler's Large 45 Quart Capacity and Unique Domed Lid make it a great choice for those long road trips. No more costly stops along the way! Keep your groceries cold while you workout at the gym or pick-up the kids. The unique "domed" lid provides maximum space for larger bottles. As with most Koolatron's , this model can also be used as warmer. The AC adapter, sold separately, will allow you to use the TRAVEL SAVER wherever there is standard household outlet. The P95 is ideal for long trips, big families and tailgate parties.

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